August 20, 2019

The Front Doors

Pan Gullard from Westhaven Builders takes center stage in this week’s edition of the St. Clair Inn newsletter.



Pan’s task was restoring the iconic entrance door of the Inn. He wanted to make sure it kept the same classic look that is so well known by the community.


Pan spoke on the process in restoring and fitting the door; “We actually had to retrofit, slip, change and reverse hang them.” This is one of the many instances of care and attention to detail shown by the workers.


Pan also expressed how important the Inn is to the town and why they’ve taken so much time to perfect it. “It takes so much time, so much effort. You can see why it means so much to the town; they want know when it’s gonna be open. Because it means so much to the town, we have to take our time, put care into it and make sure that after all the waiting that they’re not disappointed when they walk in the door.”


As the community eagerly awaits on the official opening date, the workers are making sure that when that date officially comes, it will meet all of the high expectations that the Inn deserves.



Progress Update