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200 Year Old Barn

Recently Dan Brennan, the owner of WestHaven Construction, shared a story.

The Tradition Continues…

This past weekend, we had our first wedding reception since the renovations began.

The Front Doors

Pan Gullard from Westhaven Builders takes center stage in this week’s edition of the St. Clair Inn newsletter.

Michael DiSimone Brings World-Class​ Dining to The St. Clair Inn

Michael DiSimone is in our spotlight for this week’s St. Clair Inn newsletter. He will be in charge of bringing world-class cuisine to the St. Clair area.

Restoring the St. Clair Inn to Historic Elegance

In this edition of the St. Clair Inn’s newsletter, we got a chance to speak with James Allen, one of the skilled craftsmen tasked with restoring the Inn so it maintains its historic elegance that people know and love.

Powerboat Races Take Center Stage in St. Clair

This year marks the 25th annual St. Clair River Classic ™ Offshore Race, a major accomplishment in offshore racing. However, this year aims to be different in a big way.

Restoration of Historic St. Clair Inn Spurs Community Revival