July 17, 2019

Restoring the St. Clair Inn to Historic Elegance

In this edition of the St. Clair Inn’s newsletter, we got a chance to speak with James Allen, one of the skilled craftsmen tasked with restoring the Inn so it maintains its historic elegance that people know and love.


The workers at the St. Clair Inn provided an update to the detail and care that they are putting into the restoration of the Inn. The construction is focused on one goal: preserve the history and beauty of the original so a new generation of people can experience the iconic architecture of the hotel.


In the video above, one of the carpenters James Allen states, “It’s fun when people come in and they think this room hasn’t been touched except for painting or plaster, which means they can’t tell what we replaced and what we haven’t. That’s a point of pride with us.” This helps illustrate how preserving the Inn’s illustrious history remains to be the main priority for everyone involved.


Below are some photos showing the progress of some of the popular spots around the Inn, as well as the breathtaking view from the boardwalk. As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of care being put into the restoration of the Inn. We can’t wait to show you more of what’s been going on at the St. Clair Inn, stay tuned for future updates!

St. Clair Inn Boardwalk

Jeff Katofsky at The St. Clair Inn Front Square

St. Clair Inn Main Dining Room

St. Clair Inn View of River

St. Clair Inn Workers Craftsman