June 26, 2019

Powerboat Races Take Center Stage in St. Clair

This year marks the 25th annual St. Clair River Classic ™ Offshore Race, a major accomplishment in offshore racing. However, this year aims to be different in a big way.

Two of the world’s largest offshore boat organizers, Powerboat P1 out of London and the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) have come together jointly promoting the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Offshore Championship. This is a huge deal, Powerboat P1 is the largest international powerboat racing promoter and OPA is one of the largest promoters in the United States.


This is really good news for the St. Clair River Classic ™. The St. Clair race is part of the APBA championship circuit, meaning that the world’s largest, fastest and most powerful racing boats will converge on St. Clair to deliver an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed weekend that’s sure to impress. The partnership between P1 and the OPA means that this year’s River Classic will have the biggest roster size St. Clair has seen since hosting as APBA National event in 2000, including racers from around the world representing countries such as Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.


This wouldn’t be possible without local help either, St. Clair’s very own Blue Water Offshore Racing Association (BWORA) has been instrumental in getting this event organized and prepared for what’s shaping up the be the most important St. Clair River Classic ™ yet.


That is why this year the promoters, led by the BWORA, decided to have a press conference. This is something that’s never been done before, which speaks to the significance and the uniqueness of the 25th St. Clair River Classic ™. The event was sponsored by some very high-profile people within the organizations who agreed to send statements regarding the importance of the event. This included the CEO of Powerboat P1 Azam Rangoonwala, CEO of Offshore Powerboat Association Ed Smith and a speech from the President of the BWORA Steve Brunner.


Head of the BWORA Steve Brunner had this to say when speaking of the event, “As President of the Blue Water Offshore Racing Association, it is my honor to once again help bring the St. Clair River Classic ™ to its impressive 25th annual race. This year, 60 plus racers from around the world turn their sights on St. Clair in what’s shaping up to be our biggest roster yet.”


Powerboat CEO Azam Rangoonwala also had words on the partnership and event, “We believe that combining our new racing partnership with Blue Water Offshore Racing Association’s experience in race production in St. Clair… will enhance this year’s River Classic as you celebrate your 25th anniversary”.


President of OPA racing Ed Smith spoke highly of the venue and BWORA, “Your venue is comfortable, with everything close to race village and the racecourse.  Blue Water and its amazing team of volunteers work like a well-oiled machine in managing the event; my hat is off to this great team”.


Excitement for this event is at an all-time high, with new things being organized and planned for what’s shaping to be the biggest St. Clair River Classic ™ yet. Be sure not to miss out on any information on the upcoming weekend of July 26th-28th as the entire weekend will be filled with activities the whole family can enjoy.


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