December 19, 2019

200 Year Old Barn

Recently Dan Brennan, the owner of WestHaven Construction, shared a story.


A local family’s cherished historic barn became an essential part of the restoration of the St. Clair Inn. Showcasing another example of the role the community plays in restoring the Inn.


Dan spoke about how this is more than just a construction project, “All the timber you see there, they were taken out of a 200-year-old barn. You transcend structure, and you go into a whole different area where your heart is attached to it”.


The barn belonged to the Delor’s. It was built in 1870 and has been in their family for four generations!


It’s just one example of the many unique stories surrounding this project. We hope you find it heartwarming and gain some insights into how everyone working on the Inn respects the history and its importance to the community.